Thursday, December 14, 2006

They Mean Well dept: (cancer post)

the people who say "how are you" meaning: has the cancer come back yet? I think I've mentioned them before.

and the people who add "and good health" to the standard greeting on preprinted xmas cards, and then write "hope you have a better year in 2007." hey, 2006 wasn't that bad. I wasn't diagnosed with cancer in 2006. that was 2005.

both of the above are well-intentioned but scream "don't forget about the cancer". as if I could.

new research says that 3-5 hours exercise a week can halve the risk of recurrence. apart from the fact I was doing that much before I got it,3-5 hours a week is my idea of a good time. but this stupid surgical hangover has been stopping me. lately I've been getting up early and doing a 20-min easy bike ride before dh goes to work, and trying to do all my situps, and sometimes even swimming with my right arm. the result? my radiotherapied area has sprung a new leak. my surgeon is away all through January and I don't have TIME to go back into hospital.

dh says if I do he'll manage. my snippy response was to ask why it would take a crisis for his family to get his attention. he's been working until 8pm most nights on a project that never seems to finish. I don't think he has a girlfriend, I think he just has his priorities wrong.

Men seem to have their priorities wrong alot! I'll be glad to come and stay with you and A if DH will come to St. Louis and take my place! You can be the nice mom who likes everyone and never raises her voice, I will be the "from out-of-town aunt" who likes no one and disciplines other peoples children for being
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