Thursday, January 04, 2007

hah. dh has just informed me: "i don't think of you as tough". this is just after my fourth operation on this stupid ex-breast, and after watching me do things like swim and ride my bike one-handed, continue to cope with A while dh works 10-hour days, all in the face of death, etc etc. no bloody idea is all I can say.

oh, and a few days ago in the context of a general conversation about surgical options he said, with his back to me: "I don't think another pregnancy is a good idea." just like that. it's a topic I've been putting off, but it seems he's made up his mind. he quickly backtracked when he saw how shocked I was, both at the opinion and the manner of its delivery, but I can see I"m in for a battle. and frankly, it shouldn't be a battle. he should be doing everything he can, including offering to scale back his work, to help me - us- prevent the cancer from winning and completing our family as planned, if not on schedule. and me being who I am, the decree only makes me want that baby more.

I'll show him tough.

YOU are tough as nails and if dh hasn't noticed by now, he must be blind!
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