Wednesday, January 17, 2007

headachey day, which ain't helping get the work done.

also A's first day at "little kindy", really another childcare centre with a kinder program. he will go there one day a week and the existing place two days. today i had to pick him up at 12:30 after lunch, but from next week he'll nap there too. he went really well: all new adults and kids and he didn't bat an eyelid. also managed to go to the toilet himself and did a painting, a collage and "sang songs". he is getting so grownup, it was almost like school with his little lunchbox and special place to leave his hat. this kindy is in our street, like the existing care place (I'm very, very lucky that way), and it looks like it will work out well. apart from the cost of all this care, but lately I've realised that dh's family has more money behind it than I'd thought and that frankly, it's unlikely that A will want for school fees or medical care, or that dh and I will be poor in our retirement, so I've been blithely throwing money at problems; readymade meals, a mechanic for the car's flat battery, babysitters, etc, etc. it may not be sustainable longterm but I'm experiencing the current confluence of work, writing, illness, husband away and sundry projects as a crisis, and I'm happy enough to solve it in that fashion.

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