Tuesday, January 30, 2007

while sulking at dh for yet another bout of idiocy on his part, went and saw Marie Antoinette. it was really very good, clearly Sofia Coppola's take on the 80s, when she was very young. there was a scene in which poor Marie, unable to bear a child because her husband is a milksop, has to congratulate her sil on the birth of a son. she then walks down a corridor to hisses of "give us an heir" from the crowd, gets behind a closed door and collapses. I was a bit teary, but a woman up the back of the cinema was openly sobbing - spot the infertile or ex-infertile woman.

today at the market I saw a crowd of people around a bus. the bus was Defence Force, loaded with young men. some of the women had kids, and were crying. I thought it was a pity, if these boys were, as it seemed, going somewhere dangerous (there were parents, aunties, all types; not just off on a training camp), that the farewell had to be done in a nothing little sidestreet outside a bus depot like that. some of the older women even took photos of the bus as it waited at the lights to turn right. no Australian soldiers have died in combat in Iraq yet, but it's not just another day at the office, is it?

surgeon checkup today too. all OK - more concerned about the oncologist and his blood tests in April - dh didn't even think to ask how it went, and even though it's understood that if I'm out quickly there's nothing to tell, it would have been nice of him to ask.

on Sunday I went up the country and back in a day, to check on some work being done. on the freeway close to home I noticed a man in a car, in a white shirt and suit on a Sunday, checking me out. nah, I thought, he isn't. don't be silly. but he took the turnoff I take and while he was stopped in front of me, ostentatiously checked his mirror and me several times. then he pulled up alongside at a couple of lights, and was looking over at me; I thought it all very cute and was smiling but not giving any more away.

when he turned off up the street that leads to my street, I chickened out and kept going, coming back another way. if I'd followed, he would have been entitled to think I was following him. still, it tickled my gills to be flirted with by a dark-haired stranger. it's been a while since anyone flirted properly with me. sigh.

Very inspiring, and very touching. Best wishes to you.
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