Wednesday, March 21, 2007

so two of my dearest female friends - my cousin and K., who lives overseas except when she's home having babies - are having their second and third babies respectively.
my cousin had her daughter last week - I just got a call today - I'm not sure if I should be offended or just understand it's hard to tell everyone at once. now I have to find a chance to get down there to where she is - could cancel zoo plans Friday - I think I'll just wait and see. it's not like she has nothing better to do, with a new baby to look at and all.
K. is still waiting for hers - number three - and although I am wistful, I find that I don't mind these babies, who will be A's little friends, nearly as much as I mind random people with two kids.
another friend, in my mothers' group, is also pg, but has a history of miscarriage and we're not getting too excited yet.
meanwhile, relationship with dh continues to be crap - currently barely polite - I am basically awaiting an apology that I probably won't get. I just can't be bothered with him any more. yes it's sad, but I am trying to have a life and don't have time to baby him along.

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