Wednesday, March 07, 2007

this morning while I was dressing him, he said "mummy, have you got dark skin or light skin?". I asked him who'd been talking about dark and light skin and he said no one. and then decided I have dark skin (which I don't). all the same, I wonder how this evil question got into my house.

dropped him off at kindy and the mother of another kid there spoke to me: apparently her son talks about A. all the time and wants to know when he'll be there. so perhaps she's coming over for a playdate next week. I'm starting to feel like a real "older mother" - this mother was around 28, very soft looking and pretty. and with 2 kids. but I guess I have to get over that stuff if A's going to make friends. and of course on a practical level, having "kindy" friends could be useful for pickup emergencies.

hi..don't woory about the older mother tag...I was 35 when my 1st was born and 38 when my daughter was born. Am 45 now. At daycare, many of the parents seemed younger but at the kids' school, the majority of mothers are my age. My partner is 56 and he worries about the older dad tag..there are a few other fathers about his age at the school. Our kids don't seem worried how old we are...they're happy that they have a loving family who are more confident in themselves. The main thing is that your son won't care..he'll still think you're bee-yoo-tiful as my son would say at A's age. Hope all works out for you..Ann-Maree, Brisbane QLD
What is evil about the question about light or dark skin? All skin colors are beautiful!
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