Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Easter was good: two other kids close to his age with parents who are good friends of ours; a beach nearby where we could bodysurf (though the waves were a bit big for A); I had my bike there so I could ride every morning. lots of food, drinking, conversation, games and general wandering around the daggy little beach town. almost worth the drive in unbelievably heavy traffic to get out of town Easter Thursday.

and get this: there was actual marital intercourse! nothing to get too excited about, probably just an anomaly. things seem to be back to normal now.

last weekend was my Dad's 70th. it was held at an old hall out in the country; the cutest thing was A dancing with his grandparents. not so cute was him going crazy with the balloons late in the afternoon, under the influence of his cousins, no nap and chocolate cake.

I'm afraid the naps will soon cease. Although he still sleeps up to 2 hours, the dummy really has to go soon (second attempt) and he's nearly 3 1/2.

I don't have a baby any more. I have a little boy. and sometimes it's possible to forget that that little boy is my very own A., and that's when I get annoyed with him. there is so much to do, so little time, and I seem to spend a lot of time cooking/cleaning/washing child clothes instead of writing/studying/working. a job caught my eye today that I could do, and enjoy, in Sydney. am I ready for another U-turn? and what about child #2?

that' s the thing: I still want that child, but I'm almost 41, and I can see that I would do it pretty hard with a newborn. sometimes I think, wouldn't it be easier to just not? of course it would. but is the easy path always the best?

A and I went shopping for winter shoes for him today - got some $120 Italian stitched ones at half price, bonus - then toyshopping, bookshopping and for a babycino and cake. he's a fun date.

oh, and he can add! two donuts plus one donut is three donuts! clever little greedy-face that he is.

Hi Baby,
A student of mine had a breast removed when she was only 15 and it was wonderful to see how well she accepted this. For her, it was a 'battle wound'. I can only imagine how diefficult it must be though to look at yourself as the winner of the battle.
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