Friday, April 20, 2007

should be working. I only really have to work four times a year, but like my writing, it seems to be swamped with administrivia right now, so what's a quick blog? panic and deadlines will take their course as usual and it will happen.

brief but significant items: have exchanged emails with a mother of three in SA who actively wants to be a surrogate, as part of her giving-back-to-the-world program (she has a list!) following a near-death experience years ago. I don't expect it will lead anywhere, but it has stirred up a turmoil of feelings.

blood test today; oncologist next Tuesday. am accordingly grumpy, stressed and fearful. dh as usual has no idea.

talking to a tenant in a flat I rent out yesterday - she said she didn't sleep well and it was "hormonal". I assured her I knew all about hot flushes but she refused to believe it - "you're too young" - I decided not to enlighten her.

took A to the fire station this morning for their weekly open time - he got to sit in a real fire truck and when a call came in and the boys all got into the truck and zoomed off and I told him they were going to rescue someone, his little eyes were like saucers and his lips trembled with the tension. have photos of him in a fire helmet and mini-jacket. firefighters not as hunky as the mummies might like, but real heroes are real heroes, hey?

back to the work...

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