Thursday, May 17, 2007

aargh. husband away, brain has gone into creative overdrive but no time to write or blog or think. leading to a pile of scraps of paper which are supposed to constitute notes against that mythical future day when I have Time.

have considered ditching my trip to the country on Sunday but I think even though I have so much to do here, I really need to put myself into peace and solitude even for that 24 hours to keep stable.

latest annoying comment: from the woman with three kids at the childcare centre, one a small baby, who said it was her last and laughed "you've got to stop somewhere". Iike they are chocolates or something. yes, sour grapes. speaking of chocolates, did you know that Tim Tams come in prime-number packs so they can't be shared equally between two or more people? it's true. rush to the cupboard and count your Tim Tams now.

while husband away, have scheduled in an appt with the IVF dr for October, plus another oncologist meeting. and planning the CT scan for November sometime. maybe, one day not too far away, the waiting will be over.

From memory, Tim Tam Latte are 9-packs... At my mothers' group we each ate two and then politely stared at the last one.
traditionals are 11. prime number. but nine would allow three friends to share three each. a perfect number of tim tams. mind you, I can't eat them on my dairy-free diet. but I believe in them in theory.
Poor dairyless you. Tim tams make the world go round. (and make my waistline go round!)
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