Wednesday, June 13, 2007

enough cancer posts. this is about my baby.

yesterday, he did his first figurative drawing. sure, the monster in question had sixteen eyes and eighteen (dix-huit, he made me count them in French, it's our new thing) legs. and very strange hair.

but the legs were under the mouth, the eyes stuck out to the side and the eyes were on top. I was absurdly proud of him. I will keep that drawing forever (annotated so I can understand what it is).

and then today when I dropped him off at kindy, there was an invitation to a "pirate" party in his information pocket, from a kid I've never heard of. in other words, he is making independent friends, ones who particularly want him to come to their pirate party. I called the mum, who confessed she hadn't heard of my kid either, so we're going to a Sunday morning party (this is not the place to carp about kids' activities getting in the way of adults' and besides we had nothing on that day and I can do my bike ride on the Saturday).

now let's hope he can keep making nice friends for the rest of his life. last night I had a dinner out with two mothers' group friends and one old friend. after a taxi nightmare (when the SECOND one we'd called turned up, 50 minutes after we'd called the first one, and said it was his second day on the job and no, he didn't know where South Melbourne was, I actually started to see the funny side and gently, if sarcastically, navigated the way to the restaurant), anyway, after all that it was brilliant tempura with nice champagne in a sushi-bar style setting, good chat, a little drunkenness, jokes; I want him to have friends like that.

ps: the pirate outfit? will I hand-stitch a wooden leg and parrot for him? I will not. he will wear his Captain Feathersword pyjamas. and maybe a feather duster for a sword.

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