Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a morning at the mall. I hate malls, but it had to be done. first, to pick up my new fake breast for swimming - the old one had got a bit lumpy and worn-out. the shop assistant couldn't find my order. so she asked what brand it was. I didn't know. I managed to find the words "swim form" - I mean, what do you call these things in public? she finally twigged, and brought it back to the counter, in full view of several other customers, in a clear plastic bag. great.

that embarrassing experience over with, I took A to the very unsatisfactory Myer toy department (this is at Northland, for Melbourne types). it's basically arranged by gender and cartoon character. for girls, Bratz dolls with "shimmer powder for YOU" (ie makeup for three year olds), and for boys, things with guns. but A, bless him, after inspecting all the action, fighting, motorbike riding Spiderman merchandise, chose the soft cuddly Spidey that says things like "you're my favourite pal" and "sweet dreams, buddy." He's not actually getting to take the toy out of the box until the weekend, when we enter dummy (binky for the Yanks) cold turkey hell. it has to happen sometime. his teeth are being visibly diverted by the dummy, and soon his second teeth will start to form. but it won't be pretty. hence the bribe (also some chocolate frogs - don't tell the dentist!)

So how did it go? Was Spidey enough enticement to a dummy-free house?
it's sleep, captain, but not as we knew it: more night wakeups, more difficulty settling in the evenings and worst of all: the nap is disappearing!

had to be done. doesn't mean I have to like it!
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