Thursday, June 07, 2007

shout-out to the assertive patient for even mentioning post-mastectomy sex.

yes, it's driving me crazy. dh is still utterly clueless. frankly, I don't need him to see and adore my scar. I am happy to keep having sex wearing singlet tops and slips. no problem. but there is an underlying level of unsexiness in my body image that means I need some serious reassurance - and I used to be so confident, so un-neurotic about my body, so sure I was a sexy creature - and he ain't providing it. just isn't.


Hi--The Assertive Cancer Patient (AKA, Jeanne) here. I'm writing to offer support for your frustration, not to give advice.

My two favorite frustration relievers are screaming off bridges (luckily I have a good one only three blocks from my house) and breaking plates.

Only one question: Can you talk to him about this? Or does he just clam up?

I'm willing to listen if you want to e-mail me:

Guess that was two questions. Jeanne
hi jeanne! may email you as well but anonymous blogs are all about airing laundry in public, right?

short answer to both: when I try to talk about it, I get blamed. really. apparently I should be trying harder to get his interest. he doesn't put it quite like that, but it's there.

screaming in the car (well away from other traffic with loud music playing) is good. oh, and I spent an hour the night of my 41st birthday crying in the car in the garage.

only one question from me: why does Blogger make me do that dinky word verification on my own blog???
ps: breaking plates? cheap ones, I hope. I like crockery...
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