Wednesday, July 04, 2007

just dropped A off at kindy.should be working, so quick post. have paid work coming in next week, so there will be no writing time - I haven't been very productive lately, which I put down to a lack of discipline on my part really.

but wondering: why is it so OK to put kids in care for paid work, but socially frowned on to do it because Mum wants a day off, or, like me, is indulging a non-paying passion for creative work?

I know the answer: because we can hide behind the "must earn money" thing. the kids need private schools, we need to save for retirement, we want an extra bedroom. all that. but beyond earning enough to live on, isn't it all a matter of choice? I know some people would frown on me for putting A. in care to study and write, and it's something I have to steel myself to admit, even to myself: I do it because I want to. I do it because though I love him, I love other things to. I do it because his Dad works long hours and I need time alone in my own head. I do it because I feel like swimming some afternoons. I particularly am doing it now because the afternoon naps are fading (bang goes my own sleep plus about seven hours' productive time a week). I shouldn't need excuses.

and he loves it there, he's happy, and when I'm with him, though I drag him around shops and markets, I also dance with him, do puzzles, cook, go for walks to playgrounds and "petting zoos" (as the Americans call it. He knows I love him more than anything. And increasingly, just lately, though tired, I'm happy. nice change, huh?

Good for you.
I don't think you have ever been the type to worry about what others might do what you feel is right & I don't blame you for wanting a bit of time out for yourself. You do sound happy.
I tried to get my 2 year old into a council run daycare one day a week in January, I'd been on the waiting list since October, I think. Come January and people who applied later are getting places. I called and was told I wasn't a working mother so my child was one of the last on the waiting list.

It would have been nice if they told me that in October.

I use Occasional Care now and it's a great fit for us.
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