Tuesday, July 31, 2007

you'd think, wouldn't you, that when you were writing to a woman proposing destruction of her stored embryos, that you'd do it tactfully? you'd think so. by way of background, my state has a law saying that after 5 years embryos need to be 'disposed of', or you need to seek further permission for storage, which is usually given.

but no. I popped into the PO to pick up a registered letter last week. and while the incompetent clerk was struggling with the idea of a bank deposit, opened the letter. the first thing I saw, in bold type, were words to the general effect of "get back to us within four weeks or the embies DIE!!!". of course I was a little rattled by this. rang on mobile and left a message with ivf clinic "embryo manager" (really!) about how upset I was.

eventually got onto her on the phone the next day, having read the whole letter from start to finish. of course it contained all kinds of caveats, and legalistic crap. the accompanying permission-to-kill-my-babies form which they presumptuously included referred to me as "the woman" all the way through, as in, "these embryos are no longer required for transfer to the woman". lovely way to talk about a mother, that is.

so she got the form to apply for an extension out to me quick smart and I've sent it off - will check in three weeks if I haven't heard back. the whole thing freaks me out, knowing if it fucks up there are no more embies, ever, that's it. some things you can let ride, but this one, I'm going to ride hard. if you'll excuse the confused metaphor.

and don't even get me started on the arbitrary ways of kindergarten schedulers, who take what you said in Jan 2005 as an indication of your firm plans for Jan 2008! like, that will be the form I filled out when I still had a job to go back to? and, yeah, when I was about to commence chemo and thought I might be DEAD by now? in which case my kid would have needed the five days long day care I was allocated, at a cost of $11,000 a year. aargh. bureaucrats and families. they just don't mix.

otherwise, yeah, I'm fine, swimming lots, not writing much, going to uni, planning three days by myself in queensland...husband has a new job starting soon and I have decided to have a break before the stress hits.


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