Thursday, August 02, 2007

this is how nice my GP is: 6 pm last night, I'm cooking. my mobile rings. private number. what the hell, I think, I'll answer it. it's my GP, just making sure I understood that the scan results last week were fine. (I didn't blog it, but at my monthly shots we decided the small inflammation in my lymph glands was worth an ultrasound - there went an afternoon, not to mention the stress).

I got it done at my regular clinic, and they said it was all fine, so I didn't make a gp appointment to get my results. but she rang anyway. I seriously believe that with her pushing to get my appointments in 2003, that woman helped save my life. Mwaah!! (kissing sound, not evil laugh...)

Did you hear about Ova Girl's Book deal? I know you are a fan of hers.
no, cool. anonymous? must surf over and look when my head stops hurting...

oh, Ova Girl? the one in Sydney? yes, I love her. she was already a Proper Writer anyway, wasn't she? it took me about five minutes to find her real name when I looked; I always meant to warn her, but maybe she's cool with it.
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