Saturday, August 11, 2007

what a weird html view.

anyway, whatever. only logged on to say: I'm sick. kid has been sick (two nights of 40 degree temperatures) and now I'm sick. and so, the three-night trip away, sans child, sans husband, in sunny queensland, is looking like not happening.

why now, God? why not, God answers. I don't exist anyway. work it out for yourself. and so on.

there is a bad strain of flu around. it is probably what I have. I have some flu medication, but it probably came too late. at least A. is better; five kids have died of flu in Australia over the past couple of months. hence much checking on him by me when his temperature was up.

headache. chills. no appetite. inability to move. blogging in bed. you get the picture.

only the Parking Fairy has not deserted me; on Thursday with sick kid got spot right outside favourite bakery, so didn't have to get him out of the car; and this morning after driving 10ks to the pharmacy with the right drugs, also got spot out the front. I love the Parking Fairy.


Dear Baby,
Get well soon!
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