Tuesday, November 13, 2007

starting to look around...putting out feelers in certain online forums and have asked a friend for contact details for a woman I hardly know who once said in my hearing that she would love to be a surrogate...had a big cry this morning about not having my little two-year-old...and of course in my imagination it would be a girl...veering between letting this go and going full-on into it...counsellor on Thursday, I wonder if that will help?

4th birthday for A was a big success: park party, no entertainers, kids running around having fun. kept him home from childcare for most of his birthday; we had brunch, did craft, he had a big afternoon sleep and then he had cake and a play at childcare while I had a swim.

he's suddenly added a dove-like rrrrr to his speech. he's getting bigger every day.

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