Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I return w. the delightful news that my endometrial lining is 7mm. or cm. who knows. suppose it's mm.

which explains the weird dreams and general fatigue I have been feeling. oh the joy of hormones. not even pregnant and it's knocking me about.

actually, as the dr startled me with the news that she could be doing a transfer as early as next MONDAY (a week before I thought it was possible), I may already, technically, be pregnant, as the dates always begin two weeks before "conception", at the beginning of the cycle. such minutiae I have learned in my IVF career.

had coffee with a longlost uni friend (and once or twice, lover) yesterday. he has a five year old daughter and MS. in fact he would have been diagnosed about the same time as me, maybe a bit later. like me, he has had to wait five years to see how things would go. he is basically OK, though on medication and clearly not unaffected. so they are thinking of another child. as he put it "do it yourself grandparenting" has both advantages and disadvantages. as long as you're set up (meaning with a house and sufficient resources), mid 40s doesn't look so old anymore. and even if it did, what could I do? snap my fingers and become 25 again? hah!

Congratulations on 7 whatevers! (presumably mm if it's thickness?) Hope you can indeed say retrospectivey that you are one week pregnant :)
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