Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12-day scan this morning (moved back from a convenient 8.30 to an annoying midmorning 10 am) and surprise! there's a follicle.

so my ovaries are not quite deaded yet. however, this is not the result we are after. old, chemo-affected, tired eggs: eerk! no, we want the nice young ones from me of eight years ago.

so the transfer is now moved forward to Friday. don't have a time yet. already I am feeling the pressure of the declining numbers: we have seven left. after this one we'll have six.

have just started a sort of diet. not great at diets and am still eating heaps. just trying to make it healthier stuff. fewer lollies and donuts (you would not believe how many cakey things I can eat in a single day) and more salads, bananas and wholemeal bread. it would be nice, if I get pg, to start the weight gain process from my normal weight, not my current 4-5 kilos over that. I even wobble when I walk. /tmi/

Nice try, ovaries! The good thing being that the hormones are all doing the right things down that way?

Fingers crossed that this is your lucky cycle #2!
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