Tuesday, November 09, 2010

garrh. wine. a sleeping pill. all the things I couldn't do the last two weeks. it's been a pretty stressful day even without the pg test - plumbers unexpectedly turning up to do major works, A's birthday party to organise.

and now I'm sitting home feeling sorry for myself and rabbiting away on the computer, all alone.

I have yet to tell my friends, apart from one who lives overseas, that I'm back in IVF. I think they lost interest after about the tenth conversation about whether I should do it. but surely some of them must realise I am now in the time when that's possible, as opposed to hypothetical?

and why am I not whining to my husband? because he is having a work crisis and has not even thought to call and ask me what the result was and will not be home until 10. I know it's a proper crisis to do with computers but I'm not sure whether to be furious with him for not remembering that his wife was having a pg test, or feel sorry for him that he is so one-track that he could do such a thing. not sure how bad to make him feel once he does realise. but he should feel bad. surely?

ah never mind. eat more bad food. drink some soy milk. try to sleep. tomorrow is another day and next week will be Day One of another cycle.

poor little three-celled emby, though....

Sorry it didn't work out this time. Hopefully your cycle-two luck holds from last time (if my memory serves me correctly).
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