Thursday, November 11, 2010

tell you what I didn't miss: menstruating. the beginning of cramps and a bleed this morning. blah. and of course the joy of sanitary pads.

husband finally remembered to ask (on the phone) about 3pm yesterday. then he said something stupid last night and of course I burst into tears and walked out. then there were more stupid tearful conversations last night. he has no clue about how to be empathetic to someone who has just gone through a cycle to no avail. it's not him it's happening to, really. it all happens in my body.

I could have forgiven him the clueless not-asking, but the lack of sympathy afterwards - which takes the form of insisting that I live up to his standards of how to speak to him - really shits me.

yay for blogging. get it out of my system.

anyway, that makes today Day One of the new cycle. start the pills again in a few days. determined to eat better, get more rest and take more vitamins this time.

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