Monday, February 07, 2011

I should be rushing to make up for all the time I lost going in for a scan today. but I'd rather whinge on here.

I have a cyst. big deal, huh? well actually... I took two weeks off so I could have a holiday. reduce the stress from all this, like.

then a blood test to see if I could start. then another blood test. then a scan. and now a THREE WEEK wait to see if the cyst "sorts itself out". until then I can do nothing.

so much for a break. with five embies left to go, my target of transferring them all or bust with a view of being pregnant in time to NOT be 46 and having a child, is quickly fading.

and we were hoping for another week away in late April. suddenly breaks seem like not such a good idea. not if two weeks can turn into six - or more, if it doesn't go away by itself there will have to be drugs etc and who knows if we can get through even one cycle by then, let alone two.

damn damn damn. I want to cry but I don't have time.

now I'm going to sing. badly.

"Little cyster, won't you please, please please...F OFF!

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