Friday, May 06, 2011

reading damn articles on illness and dying for the uni subject I'm teaching. very good writing, but not necessarily my first choice of topic. /understatement/

this morning's joy was a 7.30 am scan (woke at 6 to get to that), confirming that my lining is nice and ready; had to also do a blood test in which the first attempt yielded nothing. weird.

this is all in aid, not of another cycle, but of a general anaesthetic next Monday afternoon, in order to let the dr get a good go at my uterine lining, including a look around for scarring. (this is because the Very Painful Biopsy last month was both painful and unsuccessful, so we had to start a new cycle to do a look under anaesthetic.)

extra joy; no food or drink all day, then being knocked out. and as no one apart from two friends knows I'm doing this, I get no slack from friends/work/other associates needing my time. and had to specifically ask dr's permission to wear a soft bra and prosthetic into theatre, because I know the nurses would make me take it off otherwise. and stupid as it is, that's my bottom line for dignity; looking normal at least.

the bloods - immune, genetic - all came back clear. so it's just the uterus that's suspect. or bad luck. still three chances left; a friend (one of the two) has just had probably her final negative, and she's got no children. so I should just shut up really.

should be impatient as this procedure delays me another month. but with only three left, I am in no hurry to use them up and face what I may have to face.

oh, and I turn 45 this month. habby birfday, me.

really, I'm doing OK. incredibly busy, just getting through one to-do list at a time...

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