Thursday, October 13, 2011

well, this is probably madness. despite dr clearly explaining the following: 5 % chance of any emby at all. 1% chance of that even implanting. 50-60 chance of it then miscarrying...we are in a new antagonist cycle, with two lots of needles and a

i had a scan, and there is in fact, on day 5, a small follicle forming. this is a good sign. so I did the FSH blood test - I was supposed to get the results tonight but haven't, so I'm going to go ahead and start the injections anyway.

have also made new acupuncture and naturopath appointments, have a blood test Sat and maybe Sunday, a scan monday and will have to do egg pickup sometime late next week/early the week after. all of which means I will never get the work I have to do done.

but I don't care. maybe I need to do this to prove to myself there is actually no hope. those odds are odds; until we try, we don't know how they specifically apply to me.

my dr said it's "not unreasonable" to proceed. she deals in these odds all the time. we'll see...

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