Thursday, November 10, 2011

ouch. the frozen cycles were a few thousand dollars, with about $800 out of pocket thanks to health insurance covering the hospital component (they don't cover the IVF but Medicare does, mostly)

but this cycle - full IVF with ICSI because my Dr is throwing everything at us, it seems, is a total of 8,000-plus. after rebates we will be paying $3,360. husband does not know this yet. husband already thinks we spend too much. but frankly there is money invested that he can draw on and if it means one less ocean cruise when we're old, well tough.

but gee wouldn't it be nice to get a baby out of all this? :(

first hormone shot last night, puzzling out the complicated needle system. then had to spend an hour of work time going in to get more of the magic naturopath tonic. lots of acupuncture next week, a scan booked. might as well kiss my book deadline goodbye.

gee, wouldn't it be nice....

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