Saturday, November 19, 2011

quick opu report.

stupid fasting, scan at 8, met naturopath who has quit work but wanted to give me my herbs at 9.30....into clinic at 10, opu 10:40.

cannulation uncomfortable, but at least I went under properly this time and wasn't conscious like last time. very sore abdomen, walking slowly, slept for two hours on and off in the afternoon.

there were two follicles, but only one egg. don't know why yet.

will get a call sometime today giving me a tx time. this will not guarantee that there is an emby. they are doing icsi but it still may not bel clear if there's an emby until tomorrow.

sigh. dh said in the car going home yesterday that he felt optimistic about this one. I pointed out that that was only because there was so little hope a month ago.

still, at present time there is 1 egg, a couple of hundred million - accordion to Wikipedia! - sperm - and no news puts us in the "maybe" box.

odd that now and for all the 2wws, if I don't get pregnant, I'm not pregnant now - but if I do get pregnant, I am pregnant now, technically. as pregnant as you can be when your egg is 5 kilometres away...

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