Tuesday, November 08, 2011

well. interesting. rather pleasing, as far as straws in a tsunami of bad news go...

blood test this morning, feeling depressed about the waste of time etc (2 flat bike tyres, a return home for more tubes and a rainstorm on the way in - I looked like a drowned rat in the waiting room!).

but the nurse called just now and said I have a fsh of 16. this is of course ridiculously high. dr had said "15 or lower" but she's letting me go ahead. all I know is that I have cleared one hurdle.

so maybe the herbs and pills and acupuncture work. I mean, my last 2 readings were 23.5 and 25. 16 is really good, comparatively. and the main thing is that I am now officially in a cycle. I have a scan next Monday morning at 7 (!) am and will know then if I get to egg collection, let alone transfer.

nearly out of the special herbal gunk. got to stretch it out until I get more Thursday afternoon.

fsh 16 and 45 years old. for some people this would be unthinkable. for me, it's a tiny ray of hope. and I *know* hope is crack with a hell of a comedown. but I'm basking in it for a moment.

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