Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas. have headache. got video of A being unbelievably excited about his giant Lego kit. went back to bed, which I never, ever, ever do. girding myself for inlaws long boring lunch. starting to think Christmas isn't as much fun as it should be.

on Twitter have just heard that a friend - who has a chronic disease - is going to have a second child. he is my age, and had been unsure about the second kid thing.

feeling achy and extremely premenstrual. day 13 po - wondering if the progesterone will even hold it back this time. test in two days. then I am going to ride and swim like crazy. but probably not drink. the reduced sugar diet seems to be suiting me, though I have just eaten toast and jam with tea because of headache.

it keeps appearing in front of me, this dream, and then fading away.

test on Tuesday morning. will get call probably on way to my extended family event. there will be babies there too, but that's ok. it's harder to begrudge babies one is genetically related to.

in six months and three days I will no longer qualify for IVF with my own eggs.

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