Thursday, December 15, 2011

of all the inconveniences this stuff involves - the appointments at 7am, the waiting rooms, the juggling, even the injections - the one that gets to me most is the NOT EXERCISING.

yesterday morning I woke at 4.30 am and did a 3-hour ride before nine. that was a bit OTT, but many days I do an hour, hour and a half. I also swim every afternoon for half an hour. I have, after all, had cancer. I like exercise. and I have enough 45-year-old vanity to enjoy not putting on weight and having muscles in my legs and stomach.

and I wouldn't mind losing all that if it was for a baby (well, I'd mind but I'd accept it). But to stop exercising is hard - I'm basically addicted - and to do a 30 minute nanna ride like I did this morning, a glorious early summer morning, hurts. I forced myself to change down gears rather than push harder; I did some stretches after 15 minutes and came home. and this is the right thing to do - not stop, but to tone it right down so I don't overheat/get exhausted. but after yesterday's ride, I felt so good. addict.

in other thoughts, googled implantation issues last night. came across the info that a big problem with embies from older women is the mitochondria, which basically give out before implantation can happen. embies divide normally to start with then run out of puff. some of the vitamins the naturopath had me on: co-enzyme Q10 in particular - are supposed to help with that. sigh. big sigh. it's going to be a long 13 days.

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