Wednesday, December 14, 2011

resisting doing the happy dance.

people - including ivf dr - seem to expect it of me. but until I am pregnant there is no reason to.

still, it is better than nothing: TWO embies. considering I'm 45 and had an FSH of 25 two months ago, this isn't bad. yay yucky tonic and lack of sugar.

one four celled, another two celled and possibly more as they said it had "come on" since yesterday. Grade 2.

both of course transferred. with 100:1 odds per emby, what the hell. test due on the 28th; I may test a day early, already juggling the next 2 cycles to make sure they don't fuck my life up too much. secret plan to go to India for a week by MYSELF is looking very shaky but may happen. it depends on a lot, and a lot of things I don't really want to happen. but India would be nice. baby nicer.

dr was running late; just made it to acupuncture a few mins late. seeing new naturopath on Saturday. did massive bike ride this morning which I told myself was the last one for a year. got to keep the rides down to half an hour of gentle riding, and the swims will have to be slow, like floating. not sure I can give up cold water altogether. might try to stay out tomorrow at least.

now it's bedtime and the joy of Clex. Clexane, that is. the ouchy injection. ah well. eight weeks ago I was dying to be injecting Clexane.

oh, and dh? has not asked me how it went. doesn't have a clue if a transfer even happened. has his sister over tonight. is a complete incompetent when it comes to emotional support. I mean, really. has not even said "how did you go?" fuckwit.

still I am in good mood due to ridiculous faint hope.

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