Tuesday, May 01, 2012

another rushed post. everything is rushed atm. opu scheduled for friday. one follicle. tx monday, if we get there and somehow I am doubting we will. talked to my relative today. played with her kids (well, the one that wasn't being grumpy) for the first hour and nattered on like old friends though I don't really know her that well - we see each other annually at a family event, that's about it. eventually got to the Conversation. tried to be neutral: said it was a situation we were in and I wanted her to know about it. and she was in no way expected to do a thing. but she asked lots of questions - she is sharp as a tack and I admit to thinking as we talked "you are so smart and attractive and I would love a daughter like you" - and raised questions and when I mentioned the info pack was keen to receive it. so I'll arrange that she gets that and then back the hell off until such time as she may or may not choose to contact me again. she is OK with the medical stuff - it's the wider issues of ongoing contact, any leftover embies etc that she needs to get her head around - all of which makes me respect her more. these are the things that need to be dealt with. no horrified reaction, but no rushing in. and if she doesn't want to do it, I feel like we will still be OK with each other...

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