Saturday, December 29, 2012

ps: on the phone to my Mum tonight. talking about the mess in my house and putting A's extra toys up in the roof. she told me not to do that, to just throw things out. I thought, well, she's ruled out me having another child too. the "telling" for this one is going to be huge. seeing K in 2 weeks and then, a few weeks after that, we and our respective husbands are going to have to get together and get our stories straight. of course we won't do any telling till early March after 13 week scan. I am inclining more to only telling key people about the donor stuff. vague references to IVF should do for the rest. not that I am embarrassed/secretive about donor; more that I don't want that to be THE issue with this baby. I don't want it to be "the donor egg baby". it can make up its own mind what to tell people in good time. do know I'm glad, for all the complication, that we had a known and involved donor. to be pregnant right now with all my ambivalance AND not know a thing about the genetic mother, or be able to find out to tell later, would feel just horrible.

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