Sunday, December 23, 2012

right. home alone, which is probably good as I have a lot to take in. finally pregnant. more than 8 years after the cancer diagnosis, I am finally pregnant again. dr had suggested I do a HPT on Saturday, even though bloods not due till Monday. so I did on Friday, then another, then another, four brands and five tests in all (one brand twice), all positive. so I rang and moved my bloods forward, got there at 8 this morning and just after 11 Rafael the rather sweet nurse called and gave me the numbers: 383, which is high for a singleton (I really hope it's only one!) and progesterone of 49.9. (then again, my son's beta was 703 at 16dpo roughly, so I'm not too scared of the twin thing. there are two embies put back, btw, I didn't even blog that, so jaded have I become...a 10 cell and a 5+ cell) am wondering if this has worked because on day 8pt I started taking illegally imported steroids, which my dr wouldn't give me, after I got a letter from the second opinion dr telling me I had antinuclear antibodies. I just damn well looked up the protocol on the Web and put myself on it. now I'm going to try to get in to see him and get on it officially, as ANAs can cause miscarriage. then again, maybe it's just worked this time, for whatever reason. there will be a lot of wondering and what ifs. so I have my son's sibling and also second cousin once removed (my second cousin) on board - it has about 1/16th of my genes, as distinct from the 1/2 it would have had if it was my own egg. more bloods Wednesday (boxing Day), a scan on January 3. and lots and lots of calls to drs to make on Monday to get into the ob/gyn. I know this post should sound excited, over the moon. and one part of me is. another part is terrified. a third is just relieved I don't have to do fucking IVF any fucking more...:)

Congratulations!!! (tempted to use a million exclamation points)
I've been crossing my fingers for you that this would work and I'm so very happy for you. :)
I know you would like a girl, so I'll keep them crossed a little longer. Every little bit helps and whatnot.

Happy Holidays!
Congratulations from Atlanta, Georgia. I have been following you for so long that I don't remember how I started reading your blog. Luckily you are in my reader so that I could see this news. I am more excited than I should be for someone not in my real life. Best, best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy. You really really really deserved this good news. God, I think I'm tearing up!
So very happy for you! Sending happy, healthy thoughts your way.
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