Monday, October 07, 2013

random updates and things:

R. is getting his voice. he no longer sounds like a sheep. he has a little "aww, aww" sound he makes when he's a little perturbed but not hungry or angry.

no one has any idea how to be QUIET when you tell them "the baby's sleeping". also the friends I love the best right now are the ones who know a short visit means an hour tops and fit in with my random schedule. turning up late/hanging around/demanding particular visit times is not new-mum-friendly.

having just one boob means even if you have had a baby five minutes ago and are fully breastfeeding that baby, and you are 47, you will STILL get your period IMMEDIATELY (ie at 4 weeks 4 days). Internet tells me the ovulation suppression thing comes from the nipples. so that's fucking annoying, I mean interesting.

am trying to write/work on my phd (fiction component) and hoping I'm not wasting precious hours. would really like to get this one out there.

re: the egg donation. keep thinking of what Dawn at This Woman's Work once wrote: about the difference between the noun "mother" and the verb "to mother". though my "to mother" started a bit earlier than did hers when she adopted her second baby. I will never be R's genetic mother. but from there on it, it's all me. and still a little cautious about my ED's approach. letting her comments about how her kids did this or that (slept, fed) slide; not buying into the comparisons. after all R is half my dh's genes as well, and all himself.

baby asleep four hours now. boob hurts. child #1 due back in 1hr. had better do something that makes me feel like I still have a life, in writing if not Out There on my bike/in the pool etc (though did swim a tiny kittenish swim twice on weekend. I'll get there).

five weeks in...

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