Monday, October 21, 2013

seven weeks...R is being pretty good, though if I don't get a nap, the 1-2 wakeups a night + feeding make me pretty weary. still feeling a little besieged by the need to schedule in everyone who wants to see him, though it's not every brother wanted to come and see us with his 3 kids yesterday but we were already going up there to see parents so went by his place...he then posted pix on facebook saying his kids had "finally" met their cousin. everyone seems to think they have a special claim when really all I want is to stay home and sometimes go for little walks/work on my exercise recovery.

anyway R is fattening up nicely and learning things: eg that when I put him on the bed in the night, food is imminent. and today I managed to interest him in a rattle for five minutes, which was pretty cool.  smile-like expressions are developing, and he sometimes coos a little.

his big brother is still being a good boy and not as far as I can see envious, disturbed or acting out.

being in new baby land is something that doesn't last long, I know. I sort of wish I could save bits of it for later use, while using those bits of time to continue with my normal life. am transcribing some stuff I wrote earlier in the year any time I get free time...but no idea if it will ever find a home or if it's a waste of time.

managing the bf ok; wouldn't be without the magic pump. still narked at the lactation consultants at hospital - poor "service" at time and complete lack of followup. if anyone ever wants advice on bf with one breast, I think I now have all the angles covered...

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